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Naruto and Hinata

A short foot fetish story with Naruto and Hinata. (Also, I make a short referance to a previous story of mine, and I try a somewhat different personality approach of Hinata)

                            Naruto woke up one morning and began to train extra early today. As he put on his jumpsuit, he darted out the door and proceeded to the training ground that he found so dear to him as he grew up.

                              "OH MAN! Today is gonna be a great day! I'm gonna train so hard today!" Naruto yelled through the trees as he jumped from branch to branch. When he arrived at the training grounds, someone was already there. He could see their silhouette hitting the blocks. "Huh, I wonder who that is training here?" Naruto questioned as he got closer to take a look.

                                   When he got closer he heard the high voice of Hinata. She was in her byakugan mode, hitting the blocks in various places in such precision that the wood wasn't able to crack. Naruto stood behind a bush and watched her. It seemed as though Hinata had to awareness of Naruto's presence.  Hinata was extremely focus in her training. Her steps were flawless, her chakra distribution between her palms and her target was so precise, none was being wasted, and the natural power Naruto felt from her was gigantic! "Wow.. she really is a true woman." Naruto said. Startled, Hinata turned around. "Who is that?!" Hinata asked. As she spun around to the face the voice, she tripped and fell on the ground, then began to wince in pain.

                                       Naruto jumped out from behind the bush. "Hinata!" He said rushing to her. "Are you ok?!" He looked at her as she gripped her ankle. "Ow.. I..I'm fine Naruto.. I.. I just sprained my ankle is all." Hinata said. Naruto bent down and picked her up. "W..W..Where are you taking me Naruto?" She asked blushing. Naruto winked. "I'm gonna take you to my place and I'm gonna make your ankle better." He said departing for his place. "B..But shouldn't we go to the hospital?" Hinata asked. "Nah! You shouldn't have to spend your money, plus my way of healing ankles is ALOT better, and I know you will absolutely love it." Naruto said with a smirk on his face. "O..Okay..." Hinata said blushing with her arms around Naruto's neck.

                                         When they entered Naruto's place, he took her to his bedroom and gently laid her on his bed. Then, Naruto sat down on the floor and removed her sandals and set them beside. With his hand, he glided it across the sole of Hinata's foot. Hinata had the smoothest feet in the entire village and every kunoichi was jealous of her. Many ninja's have offered tons of money for them to be able just to simply do her nails, but she always refused. Since Naruto worshiped her feet one time, she hasn't let anyone or will let anyone else have that chance. When Hinata noticed what Naruto had planned, she smiled. "Are you going to worship my feet again Naruto-kun?" She asked seductively running her non hurt foot down his chest. Naruto's chest began to pound. "Of course I am!" He said with a huge grin on his face.

                                         "Oh and by the way Naruto, my ankle was never hurt, I knew it was you in that bush, I faked it so I could think of a creative way for you to worship my feet." Hinata said with a cute little giggle. "Well it was indeed brilliant." Naruto said as Hinata planted both her feet on his face. Naruto began sniffing her feet instantly, causing Hinata to giggle. "Your so cute Naruto."

                                         Naruto began to kiss the bottoms of Hinata's feet, with each kiss more passionate and longer than the previous one. Hinata watched Naruto and smiled as he worshiped her. She was truly happy watching the love of her life worship her. Naruto then began to suck on one of Hinata's heels. As he did, Hinata rested the other foot on his shoulder. "You don't mind do you Naruto?" she asked. He popped her foot out of his mouth, "Not at all." "Good." She said smiling. Soon, his tongue was tasting the beautiful surface of the sole of Hinata's foot. Naruto let out quiet moans, but they were covered by Hinata's. "Does that feel good Hinata-kun?" Naruto smirked. All she did was nod. "That's great." Naruto smiled as he gently bit the arch of Hinata's foot, causing a gasp to leave her mouth. She moaned and bit her lip. "Oh god Naruto, that feels so good. Suck my toes now." She said in a seductively demanding tone.

                                     Naruto began to suck on Hinata's big toe, wrapping his tongue around it as he held the rest of her foot gently in his hands. Hinata leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. Naruto bobbed his head as she sucked on her toe and he hungrily slide his tongue and lapped at the toejam between her toes before he sucked on the next toe. Once he sucked on each toe, he put all 5 in his mouth at the same time and sucked them all, running his tongue along the ball of her feet, which made Hinata moan out loud.

                                      Naruto set her foot in his lap and she leaned down and wrapped her hands around his head and pulled their mouths together and she kissed him! Naruto was motionless and his body fell limp as the two kissed. Fire electricity and passion flowed between the two until their tongues were battling with chakra. In a short while, they were both panting and rolling around on Naruto's bed. Once the playful fight ended, Hinata was on top of Naruto. "Naruto, I'm gonna tell you straight up. I fucking love you so much. Your the only man I will ever love." Hinata said with her lips close to his. "I love you to Hinata, I promise, I'm done with Sakura forever, my eyes are only on you." Naruto said as they kissed again.

Indeed, all was well in the Hidden Leaf Village

Naruto and Hinata - A foot fetish romance story by Narutofootstoryfan

/ / / / ©2013-2016 Narutofootstoryfan
A short little fun romantic foot fetish story since i'm battling depression right now
bardockx7 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
Love your Work, keep it up
Narutofootstoryfan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Professional Writer
thanks :D
TiedupTemari Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, very nice. I loved it!
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