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May 18, 2013
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Naruto Girls Tickling Contest
(this was a request for *Timewizard-Remir I hope you enjoy this story)

Sakura, Ino, Temari, Hinata, Tsunade, and Shizune were all having a personal day off, deciding to hang out and getting to know each other a little better. They were all laughing and having a good time, and as the night progressed the conversations got more and more wild, revealing randomly off stuff about each other that normally they would keep secret. Ino's hand accidently rubbed across Hinata's belly, her nails gently running across it. Hinata squealed and jumped out of her seat. Embarrassed, her face turned red and she covered her mouth with her hand.
Everyone stopped and looked at her, then giggled a couple seconds later. "Wow Hinata, I'm so sorry, I didn't know that you were ticklish." Ino said feeling badly. "Oh it's fine. I'm just really ticklish." Hinata said a little embarrassed still. Giggling a little, Ino replied, "I can tell."
The night went on just as normal as if nothing happened until the conversation came upon tickling. "Well we all know Hinata is ticklish." Sakura said. Hinata's face got red again while everyone giggled a little. "Aw its ok Hinata, I'm quite ticklish myself." Ino said poking Hinata in the arm. "Really?" Hinata asked. "Of course, when someone tickles my under my arms, I just can't stop laughing." Ino said taking a drink. Sakura finished the last of her water. "I know what you mean Ino, except that my feet are super ticklish. One time, Naruto tickled my feet after my rope jutsu went wrong, OH MY GOD, Tsunade had to come rescue me because she thought I was being mudered." Sakura chuckled. Tsunade started laughing. "I remember that, I went back and told Shizune and we spent the rest of that evening laughing our butt of. Didn't we?" Tsunade said shoving Shizune a little. "Hahaa ya." Shizune said. "So, where else is everyone really ticklish?" Hinata asked boldy. "Underarms." Ino said. "Feet." Sakura said. "Belly." Temari said. "Everywhere." Tsunade and Shizune said together. "My sides." Hinata said. They laughed a little.
Tsunade had an idea, since she was a little drunk, because of all the sake she had been drinking. "Ya know girls I have an idea." Tsunade said slamming her cup on the table as the waitress filled her another glass.  "What is it?" Sakura asked. "We should have a tickling contest. Whoever lasts the longest wins a  fully paid spa treatment." Tsunade said, her words slurred a little. All the girls nodded their heads. "That's a great idea, Lady Tsunade." Ino said. " bet It'll be really fun." Hinata said. "So where are we gonna do this?" Temari asked. "Hmmm.... Good question. Shizune where would be a good place?" Tsunade asked. Shizune shot up at the random question. "Um..umm we could always use the spare bedroom in the Hokage's mansion, we never use it for anything." Shizune said. "Hmm alright good idea. Then tomorrow everyone appear at the mansion tomorrow morning and we'll hold the contest." Tsunade said, "Shizune help me back to the mansion we have things to do." Tsunade said as she struggled to get up out of the table. "Yes ma'am." Shizune assisted her master in helping her leave the resturant. "See you all tomorrow." Shizune said as she carried Tsunade under one arm.
All the girls looked at each other. "Who do you think will win the competition?" Sakura asked. "Well, I think I will." Temari said with a smirk on her face. "Ha. Yea right, I will." Sakura said. "No I will." Ino said. "We'll just have to wait and see won't we?" Hinata said giggling. All the girls nodded and enjoyed the rest of their evening together.
Finally, after a long, fun, joyfilled night, the ninjas all departed and left for the night to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow's competition.
The next day came quicker than all of them expected it would. So all the  girls were there, except Hinata, she was running a little late. "Do you think we should start without her?" Shizune said. "But that would disqualify her! We can't do that!" Sakura said getting a little nervous.
Suddenly, the door to the spare room opened and Hinata rushed in taking deep breaths. She had to rush to get to the room on time. "S..Sorry guys, I overslept." Hinata said between breaths. "It's alright your just on time." Tsunade said. "A..Also, is it ok if my little sister Hanabi joins in as well?" Hinata asked.  
Hanabi appeared behind Hinata and stood with one hand behind her back and the other one waving to the group of girls as she smiled. "Of course she can join, Hanabi where are you most ticklish?" Tsunade asked. "My feet Lady Tsunade." Hanabi replied. "Great! Anyways everyone let me explain the rules. Gather around." Tsunade said.
All the girls formed a semi-circle with Tsunade being in front of them. "Ok, every on is going to be tied to this bed here," Tsunade said pointing to the elegant bed pushed against one of the tan colored walls, " The black box beside the bed has everything we will need. All the feathers, brushes  etc.. all that good jazz. The way it works is after one of us is tied down, whenever the girl is ready, she will say go and we will start the timer I am currently holding. Then, all the girls will tickle the lady tied down, and whenever she can't take it anymore she says stop. Person with the highest time wins. Everybody got that?" Tsunade asked.
All the girls around nodded. "Very good. Who shall go first?" Tsunade asked. Everyone looked back and forth. Sakura stood forth. "I'll go first." "Alright, lay on the bed then."
Sakura laid on the bed and spread herself out eagle wise, so when Hinata and Ino tied her to the bed, each wrist or ankle was close to the bed post. "Alright, Sakura are you ready?" Tsuande said with her thumb about to press on the stop watch. Temari and Ino had Sakura's left foot ready to tickle with feathers while Shizune, Hanabi and Hinata had her right foot ready to tickle with brushes. Sakura took one deep breath. "Alright, I'm ready." Sakura said. Tsunade then pushed the start on the watch and joined with Temari and Ino, so Sakura had 3 girls on each foot.
The feathers brushed along the sensitive spots on Sakura's soft feet causing her to squirm left and right, wanting to get free. At first she only let out a few small giggles, which was a challenge to the 6 women. Shizune, Hinata, and Hanabi used their nails to gently assault her right foot, running their nails all over their feet. With the combination of feathers and fingernails, Sakura's feet were no match and it caused her to bust out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH IT TICKLESSSS!!" Sakura screamed as her body thrusted and squirmed and thrashed about. Tsunade smirked, "Would you like us to stop?" Tsunade said running a feather between her toes causing Sakura to scream again. Sakura started shaking her head. "HAHAHA NO HAHAHAHA NOOHOHOHOH NEVAHAHAHAHA!!!" "Oh well, more torture you have to go through then." Ino smirked.
Sakura was victim to the feathers and nails at her feet for some time until she couldn't take it anymore. There were trails of tears down from her face all the way down to her waist. "OKAAYAHAHAA I GIVE UP JUSTAAHAHA STAHAAHAHAP!" Sakura cried. The girls ceased and Tsunade stopped the timer. "3 minutes and 30 seconds, not bad." Tsunade said.
Sakura laid there for a minute and took some deep breaths to recooperate from being tickled so long. After she was untied, she got up and left the room to get a drink of water, returning shortly afterwards, she also wiped the tears off of her as well.
"Alright, who's gonna go next?" Tsunade asked. Ino stood forward. "I will, I won't lose to Sakura!" Ino said determined.
Ino was the next one tied down on the bed and the girls positioned themselves bty Ino's underarms. Ino's eyes bugged out of her head, she could already feel herself being tickled, and she was EXTREMELY ticklish. She knew she wasn't gonna last long.
"Ino are you ready?" Tsunade asked. Ino slowly nodded her head. "Thennnnnnnn..... BEGIN!" Tsunade announced.
Sakura, Hinata, Shizune, and Temari tickled Ino's underarms and instantly she started crying out with laughter. Her eyes were closed shut and her fists were gripped as she laughed. "HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" In a short while tears were running down her face. She was already surprised she made it this long. Sakura stopped, as well as the other girls. "What's wrong Sakura?" Tsunade asked. Sakura digged around in the box pulled out a long black feather. Ino's eyes nearly jumped out of her head. Sakura give an evil little smirk. "Please Sakura... no.. please." Ino begged. Sakura gently ran the feather along arm pit. "What's wrong? Do feathers really tickle?" Sakura giggled running the feather back and forth slowly. Ino bit her lip trying to prevent herself from laughing. But once Sakura started tickling her faster, Ino was no match. "OKAHAHAH AHAHAAHAHAHAH I GIVEAHAHAHAHA!"
"1 minute 45 seconds." Tsunade said as Ino was released from her bonds. "Awe better luck next time." Sakura giggled. "I'll get you back." Ino giggled as she shoved Sakura.
Next up was Hinata, as she was being tied down everyone was believing this gonna be super quick from last nights episode. "Ready?" Tsunade asked. Hinata took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and began to concrentrate. "Ready." Hinata said. "Then we shall begin." Tsunade said.
The girls starte to tickle the Hinata's sides and belly, but no reaction. Hinata was in a deep concentration. After a while, the girls got out different things from the box, feathers, brushes, electric toothbrush's, all to no avail. Hinata even didn't let out a giggle. Tsunade stood back and double checked to make sure she wasn't using a jutsu to cheat. "Nope, she isn't cheating." Tsunade said. "Then how is it that we haven't been able to get even a giggle from her?" Sakura asked. "It's because she's a Hyuga like me." Hanabi said. "Huh?" Everyone said.
Hanabi walked around Hinata. "Were Hyuga's, were trained in everything. Teehee it seems you people forgot that." Hanabi said rubbing Hinata's belly. Suddenly Hinata twitched and opened her eyes. Her eyes met Hanabi's and Hanabi gave a cute little grin. "But, me and Hinata have spent ALOT of time together, so I know where she's ticklish, you girls just let me handle this." Hanabi said. "Oh fuck, I'm screwed." Hinata thought in her mind.
Hanabi smiled and held a feather in one hand, with her other hand empty. She climbed on top of Hinata with her legs on each side of her older sister. "Ok sis, its time for payback from our last training exercise." Hanabi giggled. She ran the feather along Hinata's right side, causing Hinata to thrash around a little, causing Hinata to squueze her eyes shut and bite her lip. Hanabi smirked and used her fingers to tickle the left side of Hinata's body. After a little bit, Hanabi was going really fast. With Hinata doing everything she could to distract herself, she just couldn't and started busting out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAHAHAHAHAH HANAAHAHAHAHBI STAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAP HAHAHAHAHAHAAH YOU WIN!" But Hanabi didn't stop. She was enjoying this. "Tell me your sorry and give up and I will." Hanabi giggled. "OKAAYAYAYAYA I"M SORREEEEEEEEY AHAHAAHAHAA I GIVE UPAAAHAHAAHAHA!"
And with that Tsunade stopped the timer and Hanabi untied Hinata. "Time?" Everyone asked. "Very impressed. 10 minutes and 55 seconds." Tsunade said. Everyone was both shocked and impressed, some at Hinata, and others at Hanabi. "Well the competiton just got more intense." Temari said with a slight laugh.
Temari was the next one to be tickled, she was confident she could beat Hinata. She was from the Sand Village, her belly should be extremely hard from all the sand that has aided her in her life. "Bring it on girls, let's see if you Leaf Ninja can beat a real Sand Ninja." Temari said. "OH WE WILL!" Tsunade said with a smirk. "As Hokage, I command you three girls to tickle Temari." Tsunade said as she pushed the start button on the timer.
At first, Temari wasn't even moving, and the smile on her face grew wider. "Move aside girls, let the power of the Hyuga clan take care of this." Hinata and Hanabi said as they gave each other a high five.
Shit! It took me forever to just over Gaara's ability to use the sand to tickle me. Now I'm gonna have to deal with 2! 2 different people, and both of them are Hyuga's. Temari bit her lip. "Ready Temari?" Hinata said with a devious grin. "Anytime."  Oh how wrong Temari was, thinking she could stand up to 2 Hyuga's.
Instantly, with 20 different fingers assaulting Temari's belly, she broke out into an all out laugh. "OHAHAHOAAHAHAHOAHOAHOAHAHHAOHOHAHAHHOAAOA." Temari laughed as she trashed about. "We got her sis, we got this.'' Hanabi said in her cute little voice. The two girls continued to tickle Temari ans after a short while she was laughing so hard, she snorted, ausing everyone in the room to bust into laughter. "OKAYAHAHAHAHAHAA I GIVIVIVIV UP HAHAHAHAHA." Temari cried out. The two Hyuga's smiled at each other.
"Temari, your time was 8 minuted on the dot, very impressed for a sand ninja." Tsunade said. Temari bowed her head in respect. "Thank you Lady Tsunade." Temari said as she wiped the tears from her face.
Hanabi was the next one up. As she was being tied down, Hinata told everyone to let her handle this one. Hanabi was a little nervous. She knew how good a tickler her big sister was. Whenever Hanabi would get really sad and depressed, Hinata would always tickle her and it would make her feel better. But now since it's a competition things were a little different. Hinata ran her finger along Hanabi's sole causing her to twitch a little. "Are you ready Hanabi?" Tsunade asked. "Y..Yes." Hanabi said. "Then Hinata you may begin."
Hinata grabbed her sister's ankles and tickled Hanabi's soles which made Hanabi giggle and laugh as she thrashed about. Hanabi's voice was so cute Hinata tickled them a little faster, running her finger between her toes, which caused Hanabi to cry out and thrust up in the air as she squirmed around. "HINATATATATATA PLEEEAEEAEAEEAEAEASE STAHAHAHAAP." Hanabi cried. "Stop? Why would I do that?" Hinata giggled as she now took a feather and laced it between her little sister's toes. "BECAUSE IT TICKLESSSS AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA." Hanabi laughed. "Tell you what sister, promise to do you know what tonight and I will." Hinata winked. "OKAAYAYAYAAYA HAHAHAAH JUST STAHAHAHAP I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Hanabi said. Hinata stopped and Tsunade stopped the timer.
"Hanabi I'm very impressed, your time was 9 minutes and 45 seconds." Tsunade said. All the girls gave Hanabi a round of applause, causing her to blush a little. "T..Thank you." She said shyly.
"Alright that just leaves us to Shizune." Tsunade said. "Indeed it does." Shizune replied. "How about we make a little bet?" Tsunade smirked. "Bet?" Shizune said puzzled. Tsunade made a couple hand signs and summoned another bed, just like the first one. "Yes, a bet. We both get tickled at the same time. If I last longer, you have to do all the paperwork for a week, and if you last longer, you get the week off." Tsunade said. "Hmm.. alright, your on." Shizune said shaking hands with Tsunade.
Tsunade and Shizune both were tied down on seperate beds, so Sakura was going to be in charge of the stop watch. Ino, Temari and Sakura were gonna be tickling Shizune while the devious Hyuga sisters were gonna be tickling the Hokage.
"Alright, Lady Hokage, Shizune, are you ready?" Sakura asking taking a quick glance at both of them. "Yes." They said in unison. "Then...... begin!" Sakura said starting the timer.
Shizune was being assaulted on her sides with feathers, causing her to laugh and thrash around and about while Tsunade was being tickled on her belly and her feet. Both of them were laughing really hard, and tears were running down their faces. They stared at each other in desperation, both wanting to win the competition. But once Hanabi and Hinata both started to tickle Tsunade's feet and belly at the same time, it was over for the Hokage. "OKAYAYAYA HINNATATAAAAA HANANAABBBIII QUIT I GIVE UP HAHAAHHAHAHAA!" Tsunade cried out. A couple minutes later, Shizune gave up as well. Once they were untied Shizune jumped with glee, excited she got next week off.
"What were our times?" Tsunade asked. "For you Lady Tsunade it was 6 minutes. Shizune was 8." Sakura said. "Well done Shizune, I'm proud of you." Tsunade said. "Thank you my Lady." Shizune said as she bowed. "All right, all of you gather around, I'm gonna announce the winner of the competition." Tsunade said.
Everyone formed the same semi-circle as before. Everyone kinda already knew who won, but listened anyways. "The winner is everyone, you all get a spa treatment." Tsunade said. "What?!" Everyone was shocked. "But, Tsunade, Hinata won." Ino won. Hinata blushed. "So? Even if she did, everyone did well so I'm gonna book all of us a spa treatment." Tsunade said. "I don't quite understand." Sakura said. "Yes it was a competition, but were all friends, so even if there is a 'winner' I think everyone in my mind in a winner. Because as long as you have friends to depend on and compete with, and if by the end of the day, your still friends, you win 1000 times over than you can in any competition." Tsunade said proudly.  "So good job everyone, you are dismissed, come back in a week and we'll all go get that spa treatment." "OKAY!!!!" Everyone said.
The end.

Naruto Girls Tickling Contest by Narutofootstoryfan

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories©2013-2014 Narutofootstoryfan
This is a request made by *Timewizard-Remir. I hope you enjoy as well as everyone. Also this something I've never wrote about. Usually I stick to feet only but I'm being a little daring. Please give any feedback on this story please. I hope everyone enjoys.
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I greatly enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to more, can you make a chapter for the thing Hinata's gonna make Hanabi do when they go home?
Narutofootstoryfan May 21, 2013  Professional Writer
what did you have in mind?
Lol honestly I wasn't fully sure.
Narutofootstoryfan May 21, 2013  Professional Writer
lol is k
Timewizard-Remir May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Just a thought. if you'd like to chat. I have skype.
Narutofootstoryfan May 18, 2013  Professional Writer
can you private message me your skype? just incase you dont want everyone knowing
Timewizard-Remir May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Let me put it this way. I love it so much I want to see more and more. So you did a great job.
Narutofootstoryfan May 18, 2013  Professional Writer
lol thanks. Glad you liked it.
Timewizard-Remir May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I just mean that the story can tend to look like a wall of text when not properly spaced out. Like how i spaced my earlier comment as a slight example. It makes it a little easier on the eyes.
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