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Naruto and Hinata - A foot tickling story

Note: If you have never seen Naruto don't read cause I am not giving character details. If you have seen Naruto and you have a Foot Fetish, keep on reading if you please.

Naruto began to wake up on a bright Saturday morning in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He was looking forward to this Saturday because of a few reasons. 1. No missions or training, just a day where he can chill. As he got up he got dressed and went down stairs and went to make him some ramen. As he was eating he started thinking about Hinata. He liked Hinata as a friend, but he could never stop himself from looking at her feet. He longed to touch them. He once tried with Sakura but that only ended him up with a punch in the face.... as usual.

As Naruto finished eating his ramen he told himself, "Ok today I get to chill, but today Hinata will be all mine." He thought of brilliant plan to get to Hinata's feet. What he thought of is he pays a couple of guys, tell them to tie her up around her ankles, legs, arms, hands behind her back, and across her stomach. He would tell them that he was gonna have "fun" with her. "Yes," he thought. This will never fail. "Ok next step," Naruto said, "Is to find someone to tie Hinata up and put her in my room." Naruto dashed out the door leaving a half-empty bowl of ramen on the table.

He found a couple of random Shinobi to do the job. They went on the search to find Hinata. Once they found her they did excatly as Naruto said. What they did what hold her down and tape her mouth shut. Next they started to tie her up. Once that was done they released the duct tape from Hinata's mouth and they put her in a carboard box and taped it everywhere so Hinata couldn't escape. So Hinata could breath they punched a few air holes in the box with a kunin knife. The Shinobi put the box with Hinata in it at Naruto's front door and left a message on the box that said, "Nice doing buisness with you, here she is. Thanks for the large amount of money."

As Naruto arrived at his house he found the package with the note on it. "Great" he thought. He brought the package up to his room and opened it. "Naruto!" Hinata said. "Thank you for releasing me it was getting hard to breath in there. Now can you untie me please." Naruto ignored her request and took off her sandals. "Nar Naru Naruto? What are you doing?" Hinata started to get worried. Naruto placed his finger on Hinata's right foot and started to tickle it. Naruto was getting hard from this because he loved her little shy laugh.

He continued to tickle her for quite a while on each foot. Hinata was breathing heavy because she could barely breath from all the laughing she had done. Naruto then decided to realease the bonds and let her go home. "Good night Hinata" Naruto said smiling. "Thank you Naruto you to." Hinata followed. She was already out the out the door when Naruto saw he forgot to give her sandals back to her. "HINATA!" Naruto yelled after her. "You forgot your sandals." he said breathing for air. "Oh thats ok you can keep them." Hinata said blushing. Then she continued on her way home barefoot. Nartuo couldn't help but think to himself he was the happiest ninja in the hidden leaf village.

Inspiration for the story was this picture.…

Hinata gets her feet tickled by Narutofootstoryfan

/ / / ©2009-2016 Narutofootstoryfan
I have read some interesting stories about the Naruto anime mixed with bondage and foot stuff. I liked it so I thought I would try a story on my own.
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DarthSami Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
interesting ^^ nice
Narutofootstoryfan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010  Professional Writer
thanks. you should read my naruto capture them series. i need ideas for the last parts
DarthSami Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok will do ^^
kurorintenshi Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009
I like it. A little more detail would have been nice :/
But still awesome job =D
Narutofootstoryfan Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009  Professional Writer
Thank you. I will write another one but have more detail like you described. I might have it be Hinata and Sakura.
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